Level 4 Open: SF City Championships Sep 1-4, 2023 NTRP Gold Cup Series Tournament

Over Labor Day weekend, the 122nd SF City Championships took place, featuring thrilling matches at all levels that brought great energy and smiles to players and fans alike.
We extend our thanks to all the participants, tournament officials, and the Lifetime Activities team who made this such a memorable community event. Please join us in congratulating our tournament champions and we can’t wait to see you all again next year!
SF City Championship Winners:

3.0 Men’s Singles: Ramos, Fernando

3.5 Men’s Singles: Salazar, Anthony

4.0 Men’s Singles: Waler, Mark

4.5 Men’s Singles: Brahunets, Artur

5.0 Men’s Singles: Hahn, Oliver

3.0 Women’s Singles: Le, Jenny

3.5 Women’s Singles: Madan, Twinee

4.0 Women’s Singles: Austin, Milla

4.5 Women’s Singles: Wang, Annie

5.0 Women’s Singles: Isaac, Ashley

3.0 Men’s Doubles: Contini, Alexander & Marin, Francisco

3.5 Men’s Doubles:Jeffs, Alistair & Natal, Andre

4.0 Men’s Doubles: Mickle, Dave & Cutler, William

4.5 Men’s Doubles: Lamberigts, Tycho & Vercauteren, Brian

5.0 Men’s Doubles: Ortiz, Max & Gendelman, Ilya

3.0 Women’s Doubles: Motseniat, Diana & Huynh, Jenny

3.5 Women’s Doubles: Kilty, Sheila & Opapongpand, Nu

4.0 Women’s Doubles: Prittinen, Natalie & Page, Chloe

4.5 Women’s Doubles: Widjaja, Fenny & Stephens, Nicole

3.5 Mixed Doubles: Xie, Yiwen & Sun, Jingfan

4.0 Mixed Doubles: Tomita, Sarah & Wang, Edward

4.5 Mixed Doubles: Liew, Tiffany & Gong, Nathan

5.0 Mixed Doubles: Dizon, Sean & Maunupau, Daisy

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