San Francisco
Advanced Group Reservations


In order to provide the greatest flexibility and ease of scheduling, Advanced Reservations are available at the San Francisco Tennis Center. These reservations are granted by special arrangement through the tennis center administrative office and must be submitted via email with the following information:

  • Date and start-time of event
  • Purpose of event (Description)
  • Number of courts requested
  • Court time duration

Definition of Advanced Reservation: Any reservation of 2 or more courts requested at a minimum of 9 days and a maximum of 2 years prior to the event. These reservations are conditional and must be approved by the General Manager of the facility.

Examples of advanced group reservations include:

  1. Any City of San Francisco sponsored event. (up to two years in advance)
  2. Sanctioned tournaments (USTA) (up to 18 months in advance)
  3. Community organization / corporate events (up to one year in advance)
  4. USTA /Interclub Leagues (up to 6 months in advance)

San Francisco Tennis Center Rain Policy

During the winter months court conditions can change rapidly. During times of inclement weather, we highly recommend contacting our front desk @ 415-581-2540 for current court conditions. Playability for all reservations including Advanced Group Reservations are determined by Lifetime Activities staff. Any event cancellations including USTA league play, 8 days prior to event must be granted by Lifetime Activities staff. We make every effort to dry or prepare courts, however Lifetime Activities cannot guarantee playability at the time of your event or match.

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