San Francisco Youth Tennis Lessons


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Youth Scholarships: Lifetime Activities offers need-based scholarships for San Francisco resident youth (4-16yrs) to participate in group tennis lesson programs. For complete details on this program, and how to apply please click HERE



Little Tennis

4-6 Y
First time players

Little Rallyers

5-7 Y
Players with good form and contact on groundstrokes

Little Champs

6-10 Y
Graduates to Competition Training or RALLY!

LITTLE TENNIS (4 – 6 yrs.)

This specialized program is designed to stimulate, challenge and appeal to children ages 4 to 6. Our team of enthusiastic and friendly coaches create a fun environment where students develop the footwork, motor skills and basic strokes needed to play tennis. Students and parents alike will be impressed by the dynamic range of equipment, games and activities used throughout this program.

Little Tennis is the ideal introduction to the game and a prerequisite for Little Rallyers. Right-sized equipment can be purchased from an expert in the Lifetime Pro-Shop.

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LITTLE RALLYERS (5 – 7 yrs.)

LITTLE RALLYERS (5 – 7 yrs.)
Graduates from Little Tennis or new students with prior experience and instructor approval.

The Little Rallyers program will further develop students’ technique, tracking ability, and rallying skills through fun and challenging games and activities. To be eligible for this class, players need to demonstrate the ability to switch strokes correctly and make contact consistently. The overall goal is to prepare young players for rallying and game play.

Our curriculum gets our students rallying faster through fun exercises and activities. An emphasis is placed on tracking and moving to the ball along with controlling the stroke and showing proper technique. Students love our games that mimic real tennis and our coaches are experts at keeping it fun and engaging.

For faster development, students are encouraged to attend twice a week.

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LITTLE CHAMPS (6 – 10 yrs.)

Graduates from Little Rallyers or new students with prior experience and instructor approval. Successful students need to demonstrate good technique on ground strokes and the ability to keep a simple rally going.

This program is designed to get our young players playing points and real games while emphasizing technique and motor skills needed to compete. Our fun approach includes drills, point play, footwork, and other challenging activities led by our energetic staff who are experts in working with our young stars.

Players will be introduced to modern technique and movement. An emphasis will be placed on developing ball control and a consistent serve for match play. Players will begin to transition to the longer court at this level and be exposed to different level balls based on their ability. High quality teaching aides including ball machines, footwork ladders and targets are used to motivate, challenge and add to the fun.

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Complete 1-2 sessions or class goals


(advanced beginning)

Complete 2-3 sessions or class goals



Test to Bronze Team or Competition Training

(Beginning to Intermediate)

Our Ready! Rally! Play! Family of classes is for students with little or no previous tennis experience. This program is designed to be a fun and welcoming introduction to the game. Students will be introduced to the forehand, backhand, volley, serve, proper tennis etiquette and scoring. Our coaches are experts at keeping things fun and getting players rallying and playing points quickly. The objective of the program is to establish a solid foundation from which players can enjoy the game of tennis and continue their training at the Junior Development or Competition Training levels.


This is a great place to start your tennis experience! Our entry level is focused on developing the skills necessary to play the lifetime sport of tennis. We focus on fun activities that develop technique, ball striking, tracking, racket control and footwork.

Our patient and friendly instructors will guide players through the basics of forehand, backhand, serve and volley as they play games and prepare for the Rally! level. We recommend that all students take the Ready! level 2 times to ensure a solid foundation. For faster development, students are encouraged to practice at least 2 times a week. Lifetime coaches will provide fun “homework” assignments to get students playing outside of class. Players should purchase a “right sized” racket from the Lifetime Pro-Shop where they can be fitted by our youth equipment experts.

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This level continues the tennis journey by focusing more on rallying and ball control. Players use the appropriate level ball and court size for their skill level. Ball tracking and movement skills are emphasized to ensure consistent rallying. The serve becomes a focus in this level as we move toward playing real points and matches.

Players typically spend 2-3 sessions in the Rally! level. Players that play at least twice a week move and achieve much faster than once a week participants. This is especially critical for those players without an extensive athletic background. Your Lifetime coaches are experts in youth development. Do not hesitate to reach out with specific questions about your child’s progress and enjoyment.

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The Play! level brings the forehand, backhand, volley and serve together and places an emphasis on playing points and developing consistency. Coaches will continue to develop modern swing techniques as players focus on movement and ball control.

Proper scoring, and tennis etiquette along with sportsmanship are emphasized. Players graduating from the Play! level are ready for the Bronze Team and can demonstrate the skills necessary to play a match at the Orange or Green Ball level.

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Bronze Team

Test to next level

Silver Team

Test to next level

Gold Team

Test to next level

For students who have developed skills beyond basic stroke production and wish to become proficient in match play. Our Junior Development players have a desire to play recreationally or compete at the local or school level.


This program is for graduates of the PLAY! level or those who have the ability to rally consistently off both sides and get a serve in the box consistently on a 60’ court or larger. Knowledge of basic technique, scoring and etiquette are required.

Bronze students will be introduced to modern playing techniques, spins and footwork. Strokes will be refined to encourage a full court game.

Players will begin to understand basic strategy and be placed in fun competitive games and activities. Local league play is a possibility at this level.

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Silver Team students are capable players who can rally consistently from the baseline and demonstrate basic left and right ball control. Players should also be able to demonstrate a proper serve and have topspin on at least one stroke.

Developing spin and more advanced control is a focus along with adding specialty shots like overheads, lobs, and slices. More advanced footwork technique will be introduced to improve court coverage.

Players at this level have an opportunity to participate in local and travel teams.

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Players at this level have advanced ball control and the ability to apply spin on all shots. A consistent serve with spin and proper grip is also required. Players at this level often compete for their school teams or play USTA tournaments.

The focus of this program is developing a well-rounded game that suites the player’s individual style and strengths. Volleys and doubles play are a focus to get ready for school teams. Players are introduced to more advanced strategies and patterns for singles matches.

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