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For students with little or no previous tennis instruction. Begin your lifetime love of the game here in a fun and encouraging environment. Students will be introduced to the basic skills needed to play: forehand, backhand, serve, and rules of the game. Coaches make learning fun through group games and point simulations. Modified balls and other teaching aides are used to get players rallying fast!

Through tennis and other lifetime activities, we strive to foster health, happiness, and skill development in every community we serve.


For students graduating with 1-2 sessions of Beginning tennis. In this level, we will be adding more movement to ground strokes and improving serving technique. Players at this level will be participate in fun and challenging point play simulations. Volleys and net play are also introduced as well as basic doubles play.


For students who have completed 2-3 sessions of Advanced Beginning tennis. Students will be introduced to more advanced techniques and shots like topspin and overheads. Students also improve overall confidence and consistency of the forehand, backhand and serve. Added movement becomes a key component at this level. Coaches introduce basic strategies and match play.


Designed for the motivated adult who wants to improve their results and strive toward the next NTRP rating. This comprehensive development program will give you the skills needed to be successful at your current level and focus on the techniques needed to reach the next. Fast paced drills, and point play simulations keep students coming back for more. Coaches focus on successful doubles strategies and improving net play. Check the schedule for your specific NTRP level class.

NTRP: National Tennis Rating Program


Prerequisite: NTRP rating of 3.5+ or instructor approval. Practice a variety of shots and point play scenarios through fast paced drills and games. Workouts cover ground strokes, volleys, overheads, and serving drills. A great class for those wanting to move and hit lots of tennis balls.


Prerequisite: 3.0-3.5 NTRP rating. Our popular Women’s Academy is focused on developing the skills you need to be successful in league doubles play. Coaches emphasize play based drills and simulations that reinforce successful strategies and techniques. Players will refine their strokes and get a good workout through fast paced drills and partner activities. Class goal: to master the skills necessary to reach the next NTRP level.


Prerequisite: NTRP rating 3.5 or with instructor approval. Learn the secrets to effective doubles play.  Students practice proven strategies that help them win at doubles.  Coaches use play based exercises to simulate a variety of common doubles situations where they refine the shots necessary to win.


Quite possibly the best time you’ll ever have working out! Cardio Tennis is for adults of all ages and abilities.  Get your heart pumping as coaches put you through your paces in this fun action packed workout. Players of all fitness levels are encouraged to participate in a fun and supportive environment. Forget the treadmill! This is a seriously fun workout!