Court Usage Fees

90 Minute fee = $5

Advanced Reservation fee = with a pass- $4 / without a pass- $12

4-month Pass = $100
Youth Annual Pass= $120
Standard Adult pass= $275
Standard Senior pass =$200
Plus Pass = $325
Senior Plus Pass= $275

Court Usage Fee Structure

Court reservations can be made 8 days in advance starting at 12:30pm the eight day


City of Walnut Creek Court Locations

Walnut Creek Tennis Center
1751 Heather Drive, Walnut Creek 94598
11 Lit Tennis Courts, 2 Lit Pickleball Courts, Pro-Shop, Hitting Wall, Ball Machine Service

Rudgear Park
3 Tennis Courts: 2250 Stewart Ave., Walnut Creek 94596
8 Pickleball Courts: 2261 Dapplegray Ln., Walnut Creek 94596
Daylight Hours

Northgate HS Tennis Courts (Lower 4)
1000 Hutchinson Rd., Walnut Creek 94598
Hours: Not available during school hours, Sa-Su: 8am-Sundown

Arbolado Park
3 Tennis Courts
3598 Arbolado Dr., Walnut Creek 94598
Daylight Hours

Larkey Park
4 Tennis Courts
1840 1st Ave., Walnut Creek 94597
Daylight Hours

San Miguel Park
2 Tennis Courts
10 San Jose Ct., Walnut Creek 94598
Daylight Hours

Tennis Court Rules & Etiquette

    • Respect all players at all times.
    • Shirts/tops must be worn, non-marking shoes only, no open toed shoes.
    • Keep noise to an appropriate level.
    • Keep courts clean. Pick up all balls & throw away any trash in the provided trash cans.
    • Wait until the point in play is finished before retrieving a ball from another court.
    • Be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to yourself or anyone else.
    • Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans or other debris).
    • City sponsored lessons only.
    • NO food, drinks, or chewing gum (water is acceptable).
    • NO personal ball machines.
    • NO wheels (bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.).
    • NO profanities, yelling, or screaming at any time on or near courts.
    • NO small children that are not playing tennis.
    • NO pets.