Court Usage Fees

90 Min Court Usage Fee – $7

Senior Annual Standard Pass (Age 60+) – $240

Senior Annual Plus Pass (Age 60+) – $325

Annual Standard Pass (Ages 16-59) – $300

Annual Plus Pass (Ages 16-59) – $375

4-Month Standard Pass – $120

Youth Pass (15 and under) – $150

Advanced Reservation Fee for Standard Pass Holder – $6

Advanced Reservation Fee – $15

Rudgear Per Court Per Hour Fee – $3

Court reservations can be made 8 days in advance starting at 12:30pm the eighth day


City of Walnut Creek Court Locations

Walnut Creek Tennis Center
1751 Heather Drive, Walnut Creek 94598
11 Lit Tennis Courts, 2 Lit Pickleball Courts, Pro-Shop, Hitting Wall, Ball Machine Service

Rudgear Park
3 Tennis Courts: 2250 Stewart Ave., Walnut Creek 94596
8 Pickleball Courts: 2261 Dapplegray Ln., Walnut Creek 94596
Daylight Hours

Northgate HS Tennis Courts (Lower 4)
1000 Hutchinson Rd., Walnut Creek 94598
Hours: Not available during school hours, Sa-Su: 8am-Sundown

Arbolado Park
3 Tennis Courts
3598 Arbolado Dr., Walnut Creek 94598
Daylight Hours

Larkey Park
4 Tennis Courts
1840 1st Ave., Walnut Creek 94597
Daylight Hours

San Miguel Park
2 Tennis Courts
10 San Jose Ct., Walnut Creek 94598
Daylight Hours

Reservation Policies

1) Court reservations are forfeited after 15 minutes.

2) Reservations must be canceled 4 hours or more in advance.

3) Fees will not be prorated for late arrivals.

4) Court reservations can be made 8 days in advance, starting at 12:30pm

5) With the exception of 2pm and 9pm, all open play reservations are for 90 minutes.

6) Court assignment is subject to change.

7) Reservations can be canceled over the phone or in person.

8) Patrons who do not cancel their reservation within the allotted time and are a “no call no show” more than 3 times in a 6-month period may be subject to a suspension of their online reservation privileges.

Tennis Court Rules & Etiquette

    • Respect all players at all times.
    • Shirts/tops must be worn, non-marking shoes only, no open toed shoes.
    • Keep noise to an appropriate level.
    • Keep courts clean. Pick up all balls & throw away any trash in the provided trash cans.
    • Wait until the point in play is finished before retrieving a ball from another court.
    • Be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to yourself or anyone else.
    • Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans or other debris).
    • City sponsored lessons only.
    • NO food, drinks, or chewing gum (water is acceptable).
    • NO personal ball machines.
    • NO wheels (bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.).
    • NO profanities, yelling, or screaming at any time on or near courts.
    • NO small children that are not playing tennis.
    • NO pets.