Pickleball is a fast, fun, social sport and great exercise for all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Pickleball offers participants an opportunity to combine the most exciting elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis in a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game for four players. The groundstrokes, volleys, lobs, and smashes utilized in tennis and badminton are paired with spin patterns common to table-tennis for tons of fun. Appropriate athletic attire/footwear required.


BEGINNING: Beginners will learn the rules of play and practice improving serves, forehands, backhands, and volleys.

INTERMEDIATE: Intermediate-level players will improve changing the pace, direction, and placement of the shot. Confidence dinking and lobbing will result through drill execution. Topspin, backspin, and sidespin methodologies will be introduced.

ADVANCED: Advanced-level players will master shot placement and doubles rotations suitable for high-level competitive play.


Community Pickleball Open Play Drop-Ins
Pleasanton Middle School Gym
5001 Case Ave.

9/2/23 – 11/19/23
Saturdays: 7:30am – 10:30am

Vouchers available for purchase at the Pleasanton Tennis Park

The City of Pleasanton and Lifetime Activities have partnered to commence drop-in pickleball at the Pleasanton Middle School Gymnasium.

Thank you for your participation in drop-in pickleball.

Please note:
● Participation vouchers must be purchased in advance at our Tennis Park Office (5801 Valley Ave.)
● Everyone entering the facility must sign a participation waiver
● All participants, visitors, and staff, must follow current health and safety guidelines
● Participants younger than 16 years of age may not be left unattended without adult supervision.
● All current County/City COVID guidelines will be followed and are subject to change.

Vouchers and Payments:
Participants gain access to the courts through a voucher system. Vouchers must be presented to court monitors upon entry for those intending to play. Court monitors cannot accept payment (cash, card, check, etc.) on site for participation.
• Vouchers must be purchased at the front desk at the Pleasanton Tennis Park (5801 Valley Ave.; 925-931-3449)
• Vouchers are transferable
• Voucher pricing (Pleasanton residency): Single day pass: $4.50; 15-pack of day passes: $57
• Voucher pricing (Pleasanton non-residency): Single day pass: $5.25; 15-pack of day passes: $67
• Lifetime Activities does not accept City of Pleasanton-issued drop-in pickleball passes.

Rules for Pickleball Open Play Drop-Ins:
● 6 courts available during open play drop-ins.
● Doubles play required while other participants are waiting.
● All matches are limited to one set.
● First to 11 wins a pickleball match. Win-by-two scored.
● Good sportsmanship is required of all players.
● Court Distribution:
3 Courts – Matchplay Courts: Both winners and losers depart and those waiting in line begin play.
1 Court – Challenge Court: Winners stay on and play the next challengers in line.
2 Courts – Beginners/Family Court: For groups including participants younger than 16 years of age OR for beginning adult groups looking to learn/practice/play. Play limited to 20 minutes while others are waiting.
If a court is vacant, it may be used in any format desired by those present and ready to play. Play is limited to one match or 20-minute time limit (if not scoring) while others are waiting. The court must revert to its original intended purpose at the conclusion of play by a group once a group is waiting to use it for its original intended purpose.

Pickleball Court Rentals at the Tennis Park

Call us at 925-931-3449 to reserve a court

$6 R | $7 NR for 1 hour

Mon 12pm-3pm
Wed 9am-12pm
Fri 12pm-3pm

–Interested patrons can call the office no sooner than 8 days before to reserve a court.

–One patron cannot reserve both courts.

–Courts can be reserved for up to one hour.

–If you anticipate a large group playing, we recommend having another member in your party reserve the other court (assuming it’s available) so that everybody can play simultaneously if desired.

–If you anticipate playing longer than one hour, we recommend having another member in your party reserve the court for the subsequent hour (assuming it’s available).

Pickleball Drop-in Play at the Pleasanton Tennis Park

Wed 12pm-3pm
Fri 9am-12pm & 5pm-8pm
Sat 12pm-3pm
Sun 9am-12pm