(4 – 16 yrs.)

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LITTLE TENNIS (4 – 6 yrs.)

This specialized program is designed to stimulate, challenge and appeal to children age 4 to 6 years old. Our team of enthusiastic and friendly coaches create a wonderful environment where students develop the footwork, motor skills and basic strokes needed to play tennis. Students and parents alike will be impressed by the dynamic range of equipment, games and activities used throughout this program.

Little Tennis is the ideal introduction to the game and a prerequisite for Little Rallyers. Right-sized equipment can be purchased from an expert in the Lifetime Pro-Shop.

LITTLE RALLYERS (6 – 9 yrs.)

Graduates from Little Tennis or new students with prior experience and instructor approval.

The Little Rallyers program will further develop students’ technique, tracking ability, and rallying skills through fun and challenging games and activities. To be eligible for this class, players need to demonstrate the ability to switch strokes correctly and make contact consistently. The overall goal is to prepare young players for rallying and game play.

Our curriculum gets our students rallying faster through fun exercises and activities. An emphasis is placed on tracking and moving to the ball along with controlling the stroke and showing proper technique. Students love our games that mimic real tennis and our coaches are experts at keeping it fun and engaging.

For faster development, students are encouraged to attend twice a week. Right sized performance rackets are recommended for this level and available in the pro-shop.


Graduates from Little Rallyers or new students with prior experience and instructor approval. Successful students need to demonstrate good technique on all strokes and the ability to keep a simple rally going.

This program is designed to get our young players playing points and real games while emphasizing technique and motor skills needed to compete. Our fun approach includes drills, point play, footwork, and other challenging activities led by our energetic staff who are experts in working with our young stars.

Players will be introduced to modern technique and movement. An emphasis will be placed on developing ball control and a consistent serve for match play. Players will begin to transition to the longer court at this level and be exposed to different level balls based on their ability.  High quality teaching aides including ball machines, footwork ladders and targets are used to motivate, challenge and add to the fun.

YOUTH TENNIS (7-15 yrs.)
This introduction program is designed to develop early tennis skills that include ground strokes, serving, volleys,overheads, and tennis vocabulary. Class goal: to maintain “full court” rallies and serve 1 of 3 balls into correct service box while using proper technique.

For students who graduated from the Youth Tennis Program or equivalent. Students will learn topspin, under spin, add orreduce power to shots, and develop specialty shots. Class goal: Develop foundation to become a well-rounded tennisplayer, successfully play singles & doubles matches, and to play in local tennis leagues, school teams or tournaments.



One on one instruction is the fastest & most convenient way to improve one’s tennis ability. Please call our office to schedule your appointment. Together, you can establish short or long-term goals.


Small group lessons (2-4 students) offer a quality & affordable alternative to the private lesson. Getting the most from your Private Lesson.

A good rule is to practice at least one time in between every private lesson you take. This helps process the information from the lesson & allows for less review in future lessons. Practice with other players or use a ball machine service. Focus on one thing at a time & realize that it may take a while for the new information to become automatic. Be patient with yourself.

To schedule a lesson or learn more about private and small group lessons, please call the Tennis Office at (925) 945-0105 or stop by at your convenience. We’re located at 1751 Heather Drive, in Heather Farm Park next to the swim center.