The Competition Training Program provides an opportunity for our young students to see the accelerated improvement that comes from a focused, competitive, and supportive environment.


The Competition Training program provides players with the focused practice and training methods required for accelerated development and competitive play. Players are required to attend a minimum of 2 practices sessions per week and most will compete in Junior Team Tennis leagues or local tournaments.

Our pros focus on developing well rounded, all-court players with an emphasis on good footwork and solid fundamentals. The curriculum is comprised of drilling, matchplay, detailed technique instruction, and the use of innovative teaching tools to challenge players physically and mentally.

The environment is energetic, challenging and supportive. We believe that the best practices are intense and fun to keep our young players coming back for more.

Competition Training

Interested players should contact the Activities Director for an evaluation to see if the program is a good fit. Players are required to commit to a minimum 2 days a week practice schedule.

Walnut Creek Director of Activities: Joe Noth

Competition Training Rewards

New Player Recruitment Reward: $100 program credit

Reward system for recruiting new players. Students get $100 credit or a free day (Cupertino) by recruiting a new player that signs up for 2 sessions. The credit is $50 if they only sign up for one session. New player must meet the criteria for enrollment in the program including skill level and commitment to 2 days/week attendance. On court evaluation required. New players are defined as individuals who haven’t been involved in any Lifetime program for 1 year (excludes camps).

USTA Open/Challenger Winner Reward: $50-$100 credit

Get $100 credit for a USTA Open win. Get $50 credit for a USTA Challenger win. Credit applies to players who win the main draw in a tournament of at least 16 players. This reward applies only to current players in good standing. Credit is good for pro shop items only (not classes).

Competition Training Player Benefits

All enrolled players in good standing receive:
• Seasonal Uniforms
• T-Shirt – year round
• Sweatshirt – occasionally