Court Fees

Las Palmas Courts

Non-Prime Time

Resident Non-Resident
1 Hour $7 $8
1.5 Hours $10.50 $12
2 Hours $14 $16

Prime Time

Resident Non-Resident
1 Hour $13 $15
1.5 Hours $19.50 $22.50
2 Hours $26 $30


Mango/Serra/Fremont High

Resident Non-Resident
1 Hour $6 $8
Resident Non-Resident
1 Hour $11 $14

*Payment for individual reservations at satellite courts must be remitted on site at the Tennis Office at the time of reservation

Ball Machine Fees

Regular Price

45 minutes
Non-Prime Time $8
Prime Time $11
3 Month Pass
Non-Prime Time $87
Anytime $142

Sunnyvale Tennis Club Members

45 minutes
Non-Prime Time $5.50
Prime Time $9
3 Month Pass
Non-Prime Time $65
Anytime $109

Non-Prime Time: Weekdays 8am-4pm

Prime Time: Weeknights after 4pm & Weekends


1. Residents may reserve courts 8 days in advance. Non-residents may reserve courts 7 days in advance.
2. Minimum of 30 minutes, maximum of 2 hours rental for open play.
3. Court reservations are forfeited after 15 minutes. Ball Machine reservations are forfeited after 10 minutes.
4. Fees will not be prorated for late arrivals.
5. Credit will be issued for unused rain-out time.


Court and Ball Machine Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be canceled 4 hours in advance or full payment will be assessed. No-shows or late cancellation fees not paid will be required to be paid before claiming next reservation.

Rain Procedure

On rainy days, staff may close the courts until they are playable. Call (408) 735-7285 to see if courts are dry.

Credit will be issued for paid, unused time if it rains during play. Make ups will be scheduled for lesson and league rainouts.

Tennis Court Rules & Etiquette

    • Respect all players at all times.
    • Shirts/tops must be worn, non-marking shoes only, no open toed shoes.
    • Keep noise to an appropriate level.
    • Keep courts clean. Pick up all balls & throw away any trash in the provided trash cans.
    • Wait until the point in play is finished before retrieving a ball from another court.
    • Be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to yourself or anyone else.
    • Before starting play, ensure the court is free from hazards (extra balls, cans or other debris).
    • City sponsored lessons only
    • NO food, drinks, or chewing gum (water is acceptable)
    • NO personal ball machines
    • NO wheels (bikes, skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.)
    • NO profanities, yelling, or screaming at any time on or near courts.
    • NO small children that are not playing tennis
    • NO pets