At Eagle Fustar, we proudly prepare our athletes for the highest level of competition possible in junior, collegiate and professional tennis. Different players have different goals – whether a player aspires to join a high-level D1 program, A DIII program, attend a university of the highest academic regard, compete on the ATP, WTA and ITF tours, or a combination of those – Eagle Fustar knows how to get there. Our track record speaks for itself; every year Eagle Fustar boasts players that win titles at sectional, national, intercollegiate, international and professional levels. For more than a decade, we have been honored to see our players commit to the top athletic and academic universities.

The Eagle Fustar philosophy is low player to coach ratios, challenging drills with constant feedback, daily strategic point play, and very little to no idle time on the court. Our environment is challenging and driven by accountability, strength, and respect. We follow and track our students results in both USTA, ITF, and school tournament play. We encourage goal setting and push our students daily to achieve those goals, while understanding the level of commitment and the sacrifices it takes to be the best.  We demand hard work, while preserving and encouraging the passion for a great sport that can be a lifetime activity. We train hard, but most importantly – by enforcing a passionate commitment to excellence – we produce players that bring their best, on and off the court, every day.


  • High Performance Clinics (HPC)

    High Performance (HP) clinics will be offered on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 – 6:00pm.
    The High Performance Program is open to juniors ages 10-18 who have a 4.5+ UTR and/or are solidly competing at the USTA 12 Open and up level.
    HP clinics are critical to a player’s development, advancing the skills and game fundamentals brought into this level by strengthening the tactical and strategic aspects of their on-court presence.
    During these advanced clinics, players will receive specific technical instruction and be exposed to point play and stroke-production drills with additional physical activities to complement court movement.
    Developing mental toughness is an integral part of HPC.
    Depending on player record, an evaluation may be required prior to participation.

  • Elite Performance Clinics (EPC)

    The Elite Performance Program will run on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 4:15 – 6:45pm.
    These are invite only clinics covering specialized high-level physical and mental training & conditioning to a select group of players in the 8 – 9+ UTR range.
    Players in EPC are typically college and/or pro tour bound players.
    The criteria for EPC include commitment to both tennis and the program, ranking, and coach’s discretion.
    Direct entry granted to girls with 7.75 UTR and boys with 9.25 UTR.
    Approval to participate and registration for these programs are handled through Eagle Fustar, please contact Katy at:

    or call 408-242-5559 for more information.

  • Full-Time Program

    The Eagle Fustar Full Time Program will now call the Sunnyvale Tennis Center home.
    This is comprehensive and highly personalized training for players committed to pursuing collegiate and/or professional tennis careers.
    The Full Time Program delivers tailored player development in a rigorous, yet supportive group environment.
    The focus goes well beyond the court; full time players are surrounded by a Performance Team to manage the physical and mental demands of high-level training and competition.
    Registration for the Full Time Program may be on an annual, semester, weekly or daily session basis.
    Approval to participate and registration for these programs is handled through Eagle Fustar, please contact Katy at:

    or call 408-242-5559 for more information.

Plans & Pricing

Flex Plan

To participate in the Eagle Fustar High Performance clinics, players may purchase a single drop in clinic, or a monthly package of clinics called a “Flex Plan” through the Sunnyvale Tennis Center website. Each Flex Plan is for a certain number of clinics that are to be used within the calendar month. Flex Plans offer a discount over the drop-in rate. An SFP4 is four High Performance clinics per month, an SFP6 is six High Performance clinics per month and an SFP8 is eight High Performance clinics per month. A player may attend clinics on any day that the clinic is offered during the month. A Flex Plan is valid for a single calendar month and may not be shared.

Please note, unused Flex Plan clinics do not carry over to the next month, Flex Plans must be completed within the calendar month.


A Flex Plan includes a certain number of clinics that are to be used within a calendar month and offers a discount over the drop-in rate. An FP4 is 4 High Performance clinics per month, an FP6 is 6 clinics per month and an FP8 is 8 clinics per month. To distinguish the Sunnyvale Tennis Center, they will be referred to as the SFP4, SFP6, SFP8. A player may attend their number of clinics on any day it is offered during the month.
Eagle Fustar players devote a large amount of time to their tennis. They also need to balance other demands – particularly their academics and family commitments. These plans give them the FLEXibility needed to excel in everything they do with a healthy balance.
No, that is the benefit of the Flex Plan, your player attends when it works for them. If they have a big test to study for, come another day. We are prepared and ready at every clinic. Attend at your convenience.
All clinics start with activation and then warm up. After that, each clinic may mix up the order but always includes drilling, point play and conditioning.
Online registration for Eagle Fustar’s High Performance Program held at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center is available through the Lifetime Activities - Sunnyvale location website. Please note, the High Performance clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center are independent of HP Clinics at other Eagle Fustar locations. When registering for a Sunnyvale Flex Plan (SFP), you may only attend EF clinics at the Sunnyvale Tennis Center. Conversely, those registered for Flex Plans through Eagle Fustar may not attend clinics at STC unless they register for a separate plan through STC.
Because of the number of clinics available to players during a month is much greater than the number offered in the Flex Plans, it is unlikely that a player is unable to complete the plan they paid for due to illness. Of course, we understand there may be exceptions to this. Injuries are considered on a case by case basis and may require medical documentation. Typically, when applicable, the appropriate amount of credit is determined and carried forward to the next plan.
Because of the number of clinics offered each month it is unlikely that a player will be unable to complete all of the clinics in their plan. However, there are months where weather is extreme, and our goal is to get you playing tennis! Therefore, we do review and sometimes adjust policy when it is an extremely wet month. It is incumbent on players to watch weather patterns during the rainy season and make a strong effort to attend when it is dry. Please see the Eagle Fustar Rain Policy for more details.
No, the Flex Plans offer you the flexibility to come to whatever clinic day is offered during the month that works best for your schedule each week.
No, Flex Plans at STC are individual.
These Eagle Fustar Programs are open to any currently enrolled Eagle Fustar Player, they do not require separate sign up like the HP program does. Players that are interested in these programs and not yet enrolled should contact Eagle Fustar for more information.
If your player meets the requirements via UTR or tournament play/ranking, they may register for an HP Flex Plan through the Lifetime Activities-Sunnyvale location website. Please see the Program description to understand the criteria used to determine program placement.
The approval and registration for these programs is handled through Eagle Fustar, please contact Katy at: katy@eaglefustar.com or call 408-242-5559 for more information.

Principle Coaches



Brian Eagle is the Operations Manager and co-founder of the Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy. Eagle was a highly ranked National and Northern California junior, who then had a very successful collegiate career at UC Berkeley. In his junior and senior collegiate seasons at Cal, Eagle played #1 and #2 singles and #1 doubles, achieving high rankings of #34 in singles and #19 in doubles. He then played professionally on the ATP Tour for 4 years. In that time, he won 7 professional doubles titles in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. He also traveled in Asia and spent considerable time in Europe where he had the honor of playing professional club tennis in Germany. Brian is the force behind Eagle Fustar's High Performance Program. One of his primary passions is working closely with highly motivated / skilled players and helping them with the college pathway; Brian has worked individually with dozens of players that went on to top athletic and academic universities including Stanford's #1 Michaela Gordon, as well as players who have gone on to attend MIT, UCSD, UCD, Penn, Boston College, UW, Carnegie Mellon and Amherst.



Nick Fustar is the General Manager and co-founder of the Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy. Prior to starting the Academy, after a stellar junior career in Norcal and Nationally, Fustar had a successful college career at Fresno State, playing #1 singles and doubles his senior year, while achieving a National ranking of #70 singles and #23 doubles. Fustar was also an ATP world ranked player who traveled extensively through Europe and South America. Nick has coached several professional players while also serving as their world-wide traveling coach. He has developed many of Eagle Fustar's top National and ITF juniors that went on to attend top ranked universities, win National Championships, then played on the ATP or WTA tour. Nick architects and oversees Eagle Fustar’s Full Time Program and the development plans of its players. As General Manager, Fustar oversees the business direction and strategic partnerships of the Academy, which includes a strong alliance and working relationship with the USTA, their leadership, and National Coaches.

High-level trainers

  • Austin Andres

    Head Coach, HP

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  • Jordan Angus

    Head Coach, Elite

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  • Alina Soltanici

    Performance Coach, Elite, HP, CPC

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  • Ryan Hudelson

    Performance Coach, Full time, HP, CPC

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Director of Player Development, Full Time Program

Austin is from Honolulu, HI and completed his successful D1 collegiate career at UC Riverside where he played #2 singles and #1 doubles while leading the team
as captain for three years. Prior to college, Austin was a top ranked Norcal and national player, and one of the original students of the Eagle Fustar program, making him an expert of our teaching structure and philosophy. Austin coached part time with Eagle
Fustar during his four years of college, graduating with a B. A. in Sociology from UC Riverside, then formally joined Eagle Fustar. He is also working towards his MBA at USF as well as PTR certification. Austin leads the Full Time Program as Director of Player
Development and Head Coach of the HP program.


Head Men's Coach, Full Time

Jordan is from London, England and earned two varsity letters at SEC Conference contender Mississippi State University before transferring to USD where he graduated
in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Business. Jordan had an impressive collegiate tennis career earning a high ITA ranking of #24 in Singles and #7 in doubles. As a senior, Jordan was named to the All-WCC First team in singles and the All-WCC Second team in
doubles, achieving a USD record with 28 doubles wins. In singles play, Angus owns the No. 5 ranked singles winning percentage at USD. After graduation, he served as Volunteer Assistant Coach at Santa Clara University for three years and recently joinged Eagle
Fustar serving as Head Men's Coach for the Full Time Program and Head Coach for the Elite Program.


Head Women's Coach, Full Time

Alina Soltanici was born and raised in Moldova, where she
also became one of the highest ranked juniors in the country. She had a very successful D1 college career at California State University, Sacramento, playing #1 singles and doubles all four years, while achieving a career high NCAA D1 ranking of #47. As a
top ranked junior in Moldova, Alina represented her country at international events including the European Junior Championships and European Summer/Winter Cups. One of her biggest achievements was representing Moldova at FED Cup for three consecutive years.
After graduating Sacramento State with an Accounting degree, Alina joined Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy as Head Women’s Coach for the Full Time Program and Performance Coach across Eagle Fustar programs.


Head Coach, Pre Core, Camps

Ryan Hudelson is from Little Rock, Arkansas and grew up playing junior tennis throughout
the southern U.S. As a junior, Ryan was ranked #1 in the state of Arkansas in the 14’s, 16’s, and 18’s. Hudelson earned a top ten ranking in the South and a top 75 in the nation for 18’s. He was awarded the Herschel Friday Outstanding Junior Award in the state
of Arkansas. In 2013 while playing for Tyler JC in Tyler, Texas, his team won the NJCAA National Championship,
and he was named a JUCO All-American for both singles and doubles play. He graduated from Keiser University, earning a degree in Sports Management. Ryan heads up the Pre-Core Program for Eagle Fustar and serves as Performance Coach across all programs.

  • Everett Maltby

    Performance Coach, Full Time, HP, CPC

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Performance Coach, Full Time, HP, CPC,

Everett is from Sunnyvale, California and played junior tennis in Norcal while training with Eagle Fustar, making him an expert on our methods and
philosophy. Everett is a recent graduate of UC Davis, being a key contributor to the success of the Aggies all four years. As a senior he led the team with a 21-13 overall record and tied for the top spot with 11 dual match victories on the season in singles
play. He received All-Big West Conference Honorable Mention in Doubles. He was one of three 20-match winners for the Aggies, finishing tied for first on the team in overall wins and leading the team in both dual match and conference victories. Everett graduated
with a Bachelors in Managerial Economics and recently returned to Eagle Fustar as a Performance Coach across all programs.