Groups may a submit a request to reserve courts at the Pleasanton Activities and Community Park outside of our standard 7-8 days in advance booking policy. 


In order to serve the tennis community as a whole, courts will be granted depending on availability and criteria listed below.

It is our goal to balance usage so that members of the community, lessons, groups, and leagues all have access to this great facility.

We will attempt to accommodate all requests that do not interfere with us providing equitable court access. Individuals participating in an “advanced group reservation” may not book additional courts during the group’s scheduled court time.

Requests for USTA, FALL, B.A.L.L, and other organized tennis teams may be submitted up to 90 days prior to the first day of the season’s start date and are required no later than the day registration closes.

Requests submitted after schedule is posted will not receive priority scheduling and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

Lifetime Activities will review and provide a schedule before the mandated deadline.

Pleasanton Tennis Park Rain Policy

During the winter months, court conditions can change rapidly. Lifetime Activities staff will determine court playability during inclement weather.

Only the home team captain or designee shall call the office to check court conditions.

Matches cannot be canceled more than 2 hours prior to match start time. The home team captain is responsible for notifying his/her team and communicating with the away team.

Drying the courts can take some time and often depends on weather conditions. Even after removing all puddles and standing water, courts may still be too slick to play.

When staff is available, every effort will be made to dry the courts in a timely fashion.

Lifetime Tennis cannot guarantee that your court will be playable in time for your league match.

Dry courts are allocated first to Park and Recreation programs before league matches.


In the event that a team wants to cancel a match for reasons other than inclement weather, full credit will be given if USTA League Manager, Diana Mae, is notified by email no less than 8 days in advance at

There will be no credit or refund if notice is given less than 8 days in advance.

Requests for a reschedule must be submitted by email to Diana Mae no less than 8 days prior to the date of the scheduled match.

In the event of rain or canceled matches, the team captain will arrange a makeup by email with Diana Mae.

The captain is not to “assume” a rainout without first speaking with a member of Lifetime Tennis. Matches cannot be canceled more than 2 hours prior to match start time if due to inclement weather.

If a team does not show up when Lifetime Activities has NOT canceled their match, a refund or credit will not be granted for that match.

Court Usage

Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park has designated specific time frames and number of courts for various match formats.

Teams are expected to complete all warm-ups and matches within the allotted time frames. A mandatory 3rd set super tiebreaker is in effect to help ensure a timely finish.

In the even that a match extends beyond the group’s reserved time, the home team captain shall be responsible for clearing the courts so as to allow the next user or group to enjoy their full reservation.

The staff of Lifetime Activities will work with the team captain to find other available tennis courts so that the league match(es) may be concluded that same day.

Courts at Amador Valley High School may also be used for weekend matches where there are additional courts available for use.

Reservation Fees

NOTICE:  Starting July 1st, 2023, all advanced group reservations will be $17.00 per hour per court.

Advanced group reservations are $17.00 per hour per court.

The total payment for all home matches is to be remitted to the Lifetime Activities office no less than 1 week prior to the first home match.

In addition, the team captain is to provide the tennis office with a roster of players, complete with names, city of residency, and phone numbers.

Match Amenities

To better enhance your playing experience, Lifetime Activities will provide scorecards on each of your team’s match courts and a refreshment table upon request.

Water and Pro Penn Marathon tennis balls are available for purchase in the pro shop.