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Join the leader in Fun and Learning! Lifetime Activities has been providing amazing youth camp experiences for over 30 years!

At the Santa Clara Tennis Center in Central Park, we offer a variety of youth camps that will take your child’s game to the next level. Our activities include tennis, table tennis, chess, and pickleball. For over thirty years, thousands of young players have attended our award-winning tennis camps. You will be amazed at what a difference a week of camp can make in your child’s game!

Learn, train, play, improve, make friends, make memories!

Table Tennis

Santa Clara Youth Camps

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LITTLE TENNIS & RALLYERS CAMP 4-6Y – Beginning to Adv Beginning

Students and parents alike will be impressed by the dynamic range of equipment, games, and activities used throughout this program. Specially designed mini tennis nets, rackets, and low bouncing balls are used to provide an enjoyable learning experience for our youngest players. Participants will learn to hit forehands, backhands, and serves while improving their coordination and motor skills (i.e., balancing, overhand throwing, catching, and shuffling). Students are grouped by age and experience level. No prior experience is necessary to play.

IMPROVEMENT TENNIS CAMP 7-15Y – Beginning to Intermediate

The Junior Improvement Tennis Camp is specifically tailored for beginner to intermediate level players. This camp is 3-hrs of excitement fundamental instruction. It is the ideal confidence builder for any student who wants to jump-start their game. No previous tennis experience is required. Students will be evaluated on the first day and then grouped by age and ability.

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT TENNIS CAMP 7-15Y – Intermediate/Advanced

The Junior Development Tennis Camp is designed for players who wish to push their tennis game to the next level. Players participate in fast-paced drills and games designed to challenge and develop their skills. Participants must have the ability to rally, serve consistently and play a tennis match to qualify for this camp. Previous tennis experience is required.

1pm – 4pm

Get ready for a half-day of fun and excitement! Challenge your mental and physical agility with tennis, chess, table tennis, badminton, and pickleball in the afternoon. This 1pm-4pm camp is serious fun and features America’s fastest-growing sport, Pickleball! All levels are welcome.

9am – 4pm

Play tennis in the morning and then jump into exciting sports and activities including pickleball, table tennis, chess, and badminton. This camp is serious fun and an awesome way to spend a summer day!

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