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For students with little or no previous tennis instruction. Begin your lifetime love of the game here in a fun and encouraging environment. Students will be introduced to the basic skills needed to play; forehand, backhand, serve, and rules of the game. Coaches make learning fun through group games and point simulations. Modified balls and other teaching aides are used to get players rallying fast!

Through tennis and other lifetime activities, we strive to foster health, happiness, and skill development in every community we serve.


For students graduating with 1-2 sessions of Beginning tennis. In this level, we add more movement to ground strokes and develop basic left and right control. Players at this level will participate in fun and challenging point play simulations. Volleys and net play are also introduced as well as basic doubles play.


For students who have completed 2-3 sessions of Advanced Beginning tennis. Students will be introduced to more advanced techniques and shots like topspin and overheads. Net play and basic doubles strategy are introduced. Students also improve their overall confidence and consistency of the groundstrokes and serve. Added movement becomes a key component at this level. Coaches introduce basic strategies and match play.


Are you looking for a fun and exciting tennis experience? Get ready to be challenged and get your heart pumping. Live Ball is here!

In this 90-minute class, you’ll participate in a fun and fast-paced doubles game designed to keep the action going. Live Ball combines doubles play with the fast-moving format of games like champions of the court. Our enthusiastic coaches start each point with a feed, so serving never slows down the action. You’ll enjoy playing with other players in a fun atmosphere that will have you smiling, sweating, and improving your skills all at the same time. So come join us and discover the most fun 90 minutes you can spend on a tennis court. Get ready to experience “Live Ball” Tennis!

Experience required: NTRP 3.0+ – Players must be able to sustain a controlled rally and be familiar with basic doubles play


Do you want to take your tennis game to the next level? Our Adult NTRP classes are perfect for adults who are looking to succeed at their current National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) level or are eager to move up to a higher level. Our coaches will give you the skills needed to get more wins and focus on exercises designed to help you level up! Fast-paced drills, and point play simulations keep students coming back for more. Coaches will also focus on successful doubles strategies and improving net play. 

Players: To avoid class interruption, be sure to sign up for your current NTRP level. 


Prerequisite: Intermediate course or instructor approval. Workouts cover ground strokes, volleys, overheads, and serving drills. A great class for those wanting to move and hit lots of tennis balls.


Quite possibly the best time you’ll ever have working out! Cardio Tennis is for adults of all ages and abilities.  Get your heart pumping as coaches put you through your paces in this fun action packed workout. Players of all fitness levels are encouraged to participate in a fun and supportive environment. Forget the treadmill! This is a seriously fun workout!


Get ready to groove your strokes and improve your game with our Drill and Play Tennis Class!

This class is all about hitting a lot of balls and getting in as much play time as possible. You’ll start with drills that get you moving and groove your strokes then you’ll dive into point-play activities that put your skills to the test. With a focus on continuous play, you’ll have the chance to hit a lot of balls and work on your game in a high-energy, action-packed environment.

Whether you’re looking to get more reps in, practice your shots, or just have a great time on the court, “Drill and Play” is the perfect choice. With a focus on play rather than technique and theory, you’ll be able to focus on what you love most about tennis – playing!

So why wait? Sign up for “Drill and Play” Tennis Class today and get ready for a high-energy, action-packed experience!


We host a variety of rotating specialty classes including classes to help you dominate the net and take your doubles game to the next level. Check the class schedule link to see our current and upcoming offerings.


Our Tennis Acceleration Program is the most convenient way for players to train and improve their tennis game. Register once for the school-year term and enjoy a consistent class schedule and cohort. Featuring personalized attention, and a full- court curriculum, this program is perfect for players of all levels looking to improve and be match-ready in no time!

  • Register once for the whole season
  • 39 weeks of training (Aug-May)
  • Consistency of class time and cohort
  • Smaller class sizes (5 players per court)
  • Program led by Head Pro and team of Lifetime Activities professionals
  • Featuring balls machines for maximum reps
  • Mid-season & end of season progress report
  • 20% discount on all pro-shop equipment purchases for TAP players
2023/2024 TAP registration closed. Watch this space for updates to the 2024/2025 TAP schedule.

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