Lifetime Activities’ Green Initiatives


At Lifetime Activities, we’re proud of our tennis ball recycling initiative. As you may know, tennis balls can take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill, which is why we make an effort to recycle them. We collect used tennis balls from our courts and sort them for reuse. When players drop their used tennis balls in our green ball recycle bins, we sort and use them in our community lesson baskets. Then, when the balls reach the end of their life, we send them to our friends at Recycle Balls for proper recycling.
We’re excited to share that we’ve recently been awarded the Top Contributor award for our partnership with Recycle Balls and our efforts to recycle tennis balls.
The Recycle Balls Organization take tennis balls, grind them up and separate the felt from the rubber. They call the rubber crumb generated; GREEN GOLD which is used in the construction of tennis courts, horse footing and hopefully soon a wider variety of green products. Other balls are sold and reused as dog balls.
In addition to our tennis ball recycling initiative, pet parents can take home free tennis balls for their furry friends. After playtime is over, we encourage the return of these balls to our recycling 
Thank you for supporting us in our efforts. Please drop your used tennis balls in the green bins after your next match or practice.



As a company, we’re also committed to reducing our use of paper. This year, we’re striving to reduce our printing by 50% by encouraging our customers to take photos of flyers and use QR codes instead of printing physical copies.

We believe that every small step towards sustainability makes a big difference.