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Lifetime Activities is committed to provide stimulating athletic and recreational programs to engage the growing Home School Community in the South Bay. Lifetime is an approved vendor for the Ocean Grove and Connecting Water Charter Schools, and also works with independent home school families in the area.

We are happy to announce the expansion of home school offerings. Check out our class descriptions and flyer for the Fall!

Little Tennis

5-8 week specialized program designed to stimulate, challenge, and appeal to children 4-6 years old. A team of highly trained and motivated “team leaders” led by the Santa Clara Tennis Director Michael Leopold will help provide a wonderful environment of intellectual and physical intrigue. Students and parents alike will be impressed by the dynamic range of learning aides and carefully designed development plans used throughout this program. Student-Instructor ratio is 5:1.

Age specific equipment can be purchased in the Santa Clara Tennis Office.

Family Tennis

This 5-8 week beginner’s specialized program is designed for family members that would like to share the experience of learning tennis together. A wonderful learning adventure for both parent and child, from learning basic footwork, line names, gripping the racquet, shadow swings, to drop and hit, all while providing parents with the right tools to further & grow their love of tennis together outside their class time. Student-Instructor ratio is 4 pairs : 1

Fees include a child & family member participating as a family DUO!

The R.O.G. System

Our Home School Tennis programs follow the USTA RED, ORANGE, GREEN (R.O.G.) developmental path which incorporates age appropriate drills and equipment to quickly engage players, allowing players to maximize their fun and development.

For more info, visit the USTA page: What is ROG Tennis?


This introductory program is designed to develop early tennis skills that include stage 1, 2, & 3 balls, ground strokes (stationary & moving), serving (1/2 & full motion), volleys, overheads, and basic vocabulary. The class goal is to maintain simple short-court rally and serve 1 of 3 balls into correct service box while using proper technique.

Student-Instructor ratio is 8:1 (Some classes are offered with a 4:1 Student-Instructor ratio*)


For graduates of RED BALL level or by instructor approval. Players will use primarily the orange low-compression ball to continue develop proper form and ball spin. The focus of the class will improving tracking while keeping good form, and improve precision when targeting different areas of the court. New tennis games and drills will be introduce to reach the goal and transition to GREEN BALL level.


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