Class Rainy Day Procedure

Please call our office at 925-945-0105, half an hour prior to the class time if the weather conditions are poor.

Please do not call any earlier as conditions change from hour to hour.


Class Make-up Policy

In the event a class is canceled, make-ups classes will be scheduled (as time and weather permit) at the discretion of Lifetime Tennis.

One make-up date will be given per rain-out. Classes are typically made up during holiday camp weeks.

Make-up classes are not offered due to student absences.

Students CANNOT make-up an absence in another class.

Please check the website for your make-up schedule. Lifetime Tennis will not make phone calls to remind you of your make-up.

Please follow the directions below to find the make-up schedule for a rained-out class.

 Class Make-up Schedule

Make-Up Schedule TBD – please check back here or the News & Events for Walnut Creek


During the winter months, court conditions can change rapidly. Lifetime Activities staff will determine court playability during inclement weather.

In order to avoid redundancy, only the home team captain or designee shall call the office to check court conditions. The home team captain is responsible for notifying his/her team and communicating with the away team. The captain is not to assume a rain out without first speaking with a member of Lifetime Activities.

Matches cannot be cancelled more than 3 hours prior to match start time. Daytime matches starting at 9:30 or earlier may call the office at 8am.

Once a Match has been officially rained out and canceled the home Captain is responsible for contacting the USTA Coordinator to reschedule their match.

Drying the courts can take some time and often depends on weather conditions. Even after removing all puddles and standing water, courts may still be too slick to play. When staff is available, every effort will be made to dry the courts in a timely fashion.

Lifetime Activities cannot guarantee that your court will be playable in time for your league match. Dry courts are allocated first to Park and Recreation programs before league matches.

For any questions, please contact your USTA or Daytime Match Coordinator.